Gastronomie de France

Gastronomie de France

Other prebaked bread specialities

White bread  480 g

White rustical bread 440 g

White loaf baked in a mould 570 g

Rustical 280 g

White loaf 480 g

Multicereal loaf 380 g

Ryebread 300 g

Wholemeal loaf 380 g

Bran loaf 380 g

Loaf with black olives 380 g

Corn loaf 380 g

White loaf from Northern France 600 g (thick crumb)

Rustical withe loaf 450 g

Rustical loaf with walnuts 450 g


Rustical multicereal loaf 450 g


Soft Baguette 250 g


White baguette with poppy

White baguette with sesam